4 Steps to Effectively Refresh an Old Email List

Battery Charger-2Most marketers know the significance of email to their overall online marketing strategy.

It’s especially powerful when used in conjunction with the Agora Model. Because email still outperforms every other marketing channel by returning more for every dollar spent on it. (See accompanying chart in Big Mistake #2 on page 7 of our Special Report, How to Avoid the Top 7 Big Mistakes Marketers Make with Online Prospects).

Yet too many marketers still doubt the accuracy of their current email subscriber data. As indicated in the MarketingSherpa 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Data Report, only 19% of marketers feel more than 90 percent of their email marketing subscriber data is correct and current.

More so—inactive, outdated email subscriber data poses an especially unique dilemma.

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Avoid These 3 Key SEO Mistakes

Magnifying Glass on MapIf you want your ideal prospects to find you online, you must avoid making these 3 key SEO mistakes.

It starts by understanding what it is search engines look for when ranking web pages.

In short, Google and other search engines work to give internet searchers web pages with relevant content.

Relevancy is useful information or products that best matches the keywords a visitor uses when searching the internet.

Of course, your goal is to get on page one of the search engine results pages (SERPs) for your keywords or keyphrase. It’s best to do extensive keyword research up front. So you already know what your prospects are typing in the search field.

But showing up on page one is just the first of two steps in your SEO solution. The second step is

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