3 Key Prospect Relationship Secrets to Write More Effectively

Special DeliveryProspect relationship secrets…the key to online marketing.

In fact, most marketers know getting a sales message in front of their ideal prospects is critical to growing their online business. But it can be an overwhelming—and sometimes mysterious—challenge.

It starts with understanding the one major difference between marketing online and offline. And that is, how much control the prospect has over your sales message.

Historically, offline business owners typically took the shotgun approach to marketing their products and services.

Most located their brick and mortar store where they projected getting more foot traffic…advertised in local newspapers and on TV or radio stations…and mailed flyers or coupons to a rented or purchased list.

And often targeted a broad audience, without regard for interest in receiving their sales message.

Sound familiar?

Yet, failure to get a prospect’s permission to market to them could never work online. Why?

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