Top 13 Power Words That Engage Prospects – A Copywriter’s Checklist

Power WordsProspects—especially wellness enthusiasts—are  are a tough crowd to motivate.

Yet…that seems to contradict the very nature of their struggle. Because folks who suffer a serious health, relationship, business, or personal issue will tell you they can’t stand it anymore. And want resolution at any cost.

You can imagine—experiencing chronic fatigue…dealing with cancer…handling a troubled teen…or going through divorce. These should be enough to motivate any natural health or self-help prospect to try your solutions.

Especially solutions that can instruct…provide clarification…or otherwise ease the pain of their challenge.

But remember, your prospect has heard it all before. They’ve gotten excited…tried other solutions…spent their hard-earned money…and been disappointed.

One way to break down their objections about trying your solutions is to

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