Six Easy Ways to Write a Strong Sales Letter Lead

Prospect Level of AwarenessWhat’s the purpose of the headline?

That’s right…to grab your reader’s attention. Without that, there’s no point in wasting time on the remainder of your sales letter or other copy.

However, once you’ve mastered how to create a compelling headline, learning how to write a strong sales letter lead that gets your reader’s attention is the single most important part of your marketing message.

You see, the power of a winning lead is that it creates a personal bond with your reader. Without that emotional connection to your core message, you cannot sufficiently motivate your reader to hang around long enough to hear your offer.

The purpose of a sales letter lead

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The Perfect Sales Letter (Part 2) – 12 Key Components

TemplateOccasionally, I’m asked the question, “How long should a sales letter be?”

My answer every time is…”as long as it needs to be to make the sale.” That means, you’ll require ample space to build a relationship…make bold claims…prove those claims…introduce your product as the best solution…and make your prospect an offer, among others.

As you can see, this task could easily generate 10-20 pages of copy before you’re through.

In fact, in every case study I’ve seen to-date—including this one—pitting long copy against short copy, longer sales letters always convert better than shorter ones.

Here’s why.

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