6 Tips You Can Use to Attract New Prospects

WelcomeWant to attract new prospects?

Marketing to natural health and personal improvement consumers is challenging in today’s economic climate. These prospects have made it clear they want solutions to their problems. But, they want solutions that work.

And they’re willing to pay.

Especially new prospects. They come to the table hungry to improve their health… acquire more joy… explode their career… make more money! They’ve networked… searched the internet… seen a gazillion ads. They KNOW their answer is right around the corner.

What they DON’T know is…which answer to try first.

This is where new prospect meets your solution. And, where it’s essential you put your best foot forward to win that prospect’s trust—and his business—before he goes elsewhere.

So today, I’m sharing 6 critical tips you can use to attract new prospects. Though they will work universally…and across marketing niches…they’re especially important when interacting with prospects that aren’t yet familiar with your solutions.

NOTE: These should be viewed as an opportunity to fine-tune your sales message. You’ll want your web writer paying attention from here on out…

With that, here are those…

6 Tips You Can Use to Attract New Prospects

Tip #1. Meet your prospect where he’s at.

Likely, your prospect has arrived at your internet doorstep in some great pain… physical, emotional, career or otherwise. His problem is intense, persistent, financially draining. So he needs a solution that works. Do this right…and your brand will cement his loyalty for years to come.

But, you must understand he’s heard it all before. Maybe not from you, but from other, unsuspecting marketers…whose products or services didn’t live up to their claims. And, who previously failed to meet his expectations.

Now, he’s more cautious…extremely skeptical.

Your job is to better convince him your product or service matches his need. And you do this by meeting him where he’s at—in his thoughts, his feelings, his beliefs, or his actions.

And no, you can never get to know him too well.

The reason is simple… by knowing your prospect intimately, you can write him the precise message he wants—and needs—to hear that will gain his confidence he’s arrived in the right place…and about to discover the perfect solution.

Here are a few ways to know your prospect better:

  • Scope out your competition to see what they are doing. You will be able to determine if what they’re doing is working—or not—and  to position yourself uniquely to your prospect.
  • Visit internet forum discussions or relevant blog comments to see what your prospect is saying. Connect with your prospect through social media where he is more inclined to share his thoughts or concerns about things that matter to him. You can even conduct a survey, run a contest, or award a gift for anyone returning requested feedback.
  • Analyze your web page results. By understanding your website traffic—where your prospect comes from, what keywords he used to get there, etc.—you can better understand his needs, his wants…and whether you are fulfilling them or not.

Tip #2. Address your prospect’s objections about trying your product.

We’ve already indicated that a prospect new to your business arrives with significant skepticism.

She may be concerned about whether your detox program will live up to its claims. Or, how your arthritis special report differs from previous ineffective solutions. Or, how difficult it is to return your personal development audio program if it doesn’t help you get the results it promises.

This is especially true for consumables, like nutritional supplements.

No matter what her concern is, your task is to think of the reasons why your prospect would reject your sales message (you can be sure it’ll be directly related to her current thoughts, feelings, beliefs or actions).

Then, you can address these objections directly—and up front—in your promotional copy.

Fail in this regard and your prospect will not stick around. Remember, she just finished entertaining the last solution she found. And with each failed attempt at solving her problem, she becomes more skeptical.

However, she is looking for someone who validates her objections, and helps her overcome them. Because she still wants to find a solution to her problem. Sufficiently address her concerns and ease her resistance, then she’ll reward you with her first purchase…and many return visits!

Tip #3. Don’t Appear “Cheap”.

You could drop your prices to win a few more customers. But will those customers ever buy again? No! Not unless you drop your prices again on other products.

Your better option is to price your products in line with their value. This will give them instant credibility. Then, you can spend your time creating a relationship with your prospects, while positioning your products as the solution to their problem.

Eventually, your prospects will meet that collision course with know-like-trust. And, be more apt to try your “better” solution for an overwhelming problem they’re now ready to solve once-and-for-all.

Yet, this doesn’t mean you cannot offer a one-time discount for a limited time only…or indicate your current price is a steep discount from your regularly- advertised price. This “discount” still gives the appearance of value. Your prospect will recognize your product as valuable, yet they can take advantage of your sincerity to help them finally solve a problem.

Tip #4. “Undistract” Your Prospect First.

Most times your prospect is so worried about or focused on solving a problem of theirs that they tune out everything else?

You’ve probably been there yourself.

You’ve just returned from the doctor with a troubling diagnosis…or are suddenly laid off at work, left without a job…or frustrated by your teen’s rebellion at school. These and many more concerns grip your mind, making it hard to concentrate on finding a solution…and get relief. Despite your overwhelm, you search anyway.

And so does your prospect.

Though today’s prospects are more distracted than ever, you must work to get their attention. To break through these natural barriers so your prospect can focus and hear your message.

Master copywriter John Forde explains very well how to unlock the worried mind of your ideal prospect.

It involves using a problem-solution lead in your sales promotion. By identifying with your prospect’s problem—and making a promise to help him solve it—you will successfully capture his attention.

After all, he may be distracted by fear or worry…but his underlying desire is to be rid of them.

This strategy works particularly well for marketers offering solutions to emotionally-charged problems…health concerns, personal development, or financial struggle.

Give it a try. And see if it can ramp up the success of your promotions.

Tip #5. Be there when your prospect is ready.

This tip is especially important. While you may feel at times like giving up on a prospect—or a whole list’s worth—it’s important NOT to walk away…but to maintain contact with him or her. Even if they aren’t buying, and don’t seem interested.

Here’s why.

According to Meridith Elliot Powell, Author of 42 Rules to Turn Prospects into Customers, “It can take between 8-12 touches (communications) with a prospect during a healthy economy before a prospect says ‘yes’. However, in a shifting economy it can take double that amount of time.”

This is something we all need to be mindful of.

Are you regularly keeping in touch with your prospects? Do you have a keep-in-touch strategy in place that allows you to reach out to each of your prospects up to 20 times?

Many entrepreneurs don’t, and therefore end up doing nothing. Or, their keep-in-touch strategy is completely ineffective and comes across as being too pushy or annoying—producing a MUCH worse outcome.

Here’s just a few of many easy, inexpensive ways you can remain top of mind with your prospect:

  • Social media—this one needs no explanation. It’s where your prospects hang out…and share with others. So give them your place to do so. A practical…safe…and fun forum in which to stay in touch with you—without feeling business-like.

Plus, more and more users make purchases directly from social media sites. If you need more convincing, check out this article from social media expert Kellie Craft of Frog Online.

  • Email your list—I can hear you now, “You’re kidding, right”. After all, who doesn’t email their list nowadays. You’d be surprised how few businesses email often enough. Heck, I’m guilty of that myself. And, I know it’s a mistake.

Why’s it a good idea to email often? Because if a prospect signed up for your list, that means they want you to help them solve  problems. So email them fresh insight from your next blog post…email your prospect a periodic newsletter…email them no-strings-attached personal tidbits on occasion…and for heaven’s sake, email your prospect offers that can help them better their life.

But fair warning…there’s one time you can email too frequently. That’s if your list is outdated. You really don’t want to be sending your great insight to unwilling readers. It won’t just reduce your email open rates, it’ll reduce your email deliverability…damage your online reputation—and worse—possibly get you blacklisted by ISPs when outdated subscribers register SPAM complaints against you.

No need to sweat it though. Here are some steps to effectively refresh an old email list. Apply these…then send email to your “clean” list often.

Send personal notes—this one will never get old. Some call it the clincher. Makes sense. Who wouldn’t feel warm and fuzzy inside when they get a short personal friendly note, thank you or greeting from someone who genuinely cares how you’re doing.

  • Give away something for free—this one’s a no-brainer in the online world. Prospects are always happy to get newly-created or re-purposed useful information. The stuff that helps them become more enlightened…lets them solve pesky problems…or otherwise makes them feel they’ve benefitted sufficiently. Special reports…webinars…or even huge discounts on membership access. But it must at least “feel” like they’re getting something for free.
  • Be a connector—so, you probably don’t have all the answers your prospect needs to solve her problems. Because no one can be a one-size-fits-all solution. And your prospect knows that.

But, you do have resources and connections. So refer your prospect out to others who can help them. Just be sure you stick within your own specialty or niche. You may not have enough credibility yet to convince a new natural health prospect to consider a smart phone app you find useful. It’s that trust factor. And that takes time to build.

Do these, and you’ll be the first person your prospect thinks of when she’s finally ready to move forward on a purchasing decision.

Tip #6. Ask your prospect to buy from you.

You’ve spent valuable resources building a relationship with your prospect. You’ve made contact several times by now…and he still hangs around. He already Knows you… Likes you… and Trusts you. Now ask him to buy your solution to his problem!

You’d be surprised how often this step is poorly done—much less missed altogether!

After all, that is the objective… the logical conclusion to your sales effort, no?

Your prospect has said emphatically he’s tired of his problem… he’s searched the web world over for a solution… and, he’s willing to ante up the funds. He’s stayed with you this long. So why suddenly stop serving him when he needs you most.

You show great confidence in your product’s ability to improve your prospect’s current situation when you ask him for the sale.
The inverse is, you show disrespect, and give him a good reason to go elsewhere, when you neglect to ask a prospect to buy your solution to his problem.

So ask. He’ll be glad you did. And so will you.

There you have it…6 tips you can use to attract new prospects. Put these to the test, and you’ll soon be converting prospects to new customers…and first-time customers to repeat-buyers!

I’d be delighted if you’d tell me your experiences with these tips for being prospect-friendly. Or, got a few of your own? Share them with our readers in the comments section below.


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