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About Jerry Bures

Rural Beginnings

In 1965, northcentral Wisconsin was a thriving agricultural hub. Cows and potato fields speckled the countryside where farm kids learned the value of strong work ethic, a deep-rooted faith in God, nurturing relationships, and serving others. It was on one particular dairy farm in rural Deerbrook that Jerry Bures got his start.

His father and mother raised seven girls and four boys in this remote setting. Jerry’s father was primarily a dairyman, but also a skillful logger, carpenter, and mechanic. His talented mother sported such hats as housewife, homemaker, caregiver, accountant, and farmhand.

The Good Life

Unaware of its future impact, farm life was the driving force behind Jerry’s eventual passion for the study of self-improvement in all areas of the human experience… physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual.

Spending a week at the Bures farm would reveal a healthy lifestyle on many fronts: a variety of home-grown foods served at homemade meals… farm chores and sports promoting physical fitness… spiritual renewal at weekly church services and home prayer sessions… team building through family gatherings, special events, and holiday celebrations… encouraging academic achievement, but expecting your best effort… and giving back by helping out your neighbor.

These disciplines inherent to farm life have served Jerry well in both his personal and professional life. And more importantly, created in him an intense fascination for the development of the human potential.

Coming Full Circle

As a young adult, Jerry entertained his love for the study of personal development by consuming an enormous amount of self improvement books and audio programs in such personal growth modalities as child development, psychology, spirituality, nutrition and natural health, and personal achievement.

Jerry has a particular fondness for our military men and women, having served honorably in leadership roles during his 10-year military career in the Army National Guard. He successfully completed the Dale Carnegie Course on Human Relations and Public Speaking at which time he remarked, “That experience drilled in me how powerful it is to transcend your fears.”

Professionally, Jerry spent the past 20 years in the field of engineering. In recent years, he grew more intrigued with the prospect of helping others improve their circumstances, and the potential for personal and financial success, as a small business owner. Jerry explored combining his passion for writing with his desire to run a business. Having successfully completed courses on writing stories and articles for children and teenagers, he eventually discovered American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI), the world’s premier authority on training and developing top-notch copywriters.

Initially skeptical about a career in sales and marketing, Jerry devoured their basic program on direct response marketing, Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, and found himself hooked. He further developed his skills by completing Copywriting 2.0, AWAI’s acclaimed course on writing web copy that converts, as well as Autoresponder Apprentice, taught by Jay White (whom top internet marketer Alex Mandossian considers “the best autoresponder copywriter in the world”), and Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market. Jerry is an active member of AWAI’s prestigious Circle of Success and The Professional Writers’ Alliance (International Association for Direct-Response Writers), as well as Wealthy Web Writer, the go-to training resource for today’s hottest online copywriters.

Jerry also received advanced copywriting training from distinguished copywriter Joshua Boswell (whom AWAI’s Executive Director Katie Yeakle calls a “true superstar”).

Jerry believes strongly in service to others, especially without compensation. His philanthropy to-date includes mentoring in Big Brothers/Big Sisters, volunteering at a daycare of single-parent pre-schoolers, sponsoring several children with finances and correspondence through Christian Children’s Fund, Boy Scout leader, 4-H leader, among others.

Back to the Basics… with Family!

In 1996, Jerry met his wife Deborah, and her son, Andrew (3). Wedding bells rang the following year, and in 1998, their family began to grow… and Grow… and GROW! By January, 2005, a second daughter rounded out the tribe of four boys and two girls.

Inside the Bures family, it’s easy to see the strong bond between husband and wife, parents and children. “The family unit is our primary focus. When push comes to shove, family will always stick by you.” Jerry is quick to point out his special needs boy as his personal hero. “I’m convinced all our children come to teach us, rather than the other way around. But kids like Jonah serve to motivate us to some great purpose that we may otherwise never have discovered on our own. And, because of Jonah’s special needs, we’ve done some extensive research on alternative therapies and nutritional health supplements that not only benefits him, but our entire family.”

When he’s not writing, Jerry enjoys being tuned into his kids and wife. He is an avid reader and outdoorsman, and has a particular fondness for pondering the spiritual world.

Today, Jerry lives with his family in rural Wisconsin. They raise their own beef and chickens, tend to two milk goats, a vegetable garden and numerous fruit trees, and gather their own wood to heat their home.

“Why all that added effort? Frankly, we’re just getting back to the basics. We believe the country lifestyle is simply healthier… and tastier! We also take great pleasure in being self-reliant. And, rural living better promotes many of the conservative values we prefer to teach our kids.”

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