7 Tips for Writing More Effective Space Ads

Newspaper AdsWriting successful space ads is harder than you think.

Yet, you see them everywhere. In newspapers, brochures, phone books, magazines, and email newsletters…online in Facebook and Google ad campaigns…and more.

And in the world of direct-response marketing, their ability to generate new leads or sales is critical to your business.

Yet, if you struggle getting, nurturing, or converting leads from yours, there’s a good reason…

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3 Easy Ways to Turn Features into Benefits

ChainTurn features into benefits…it’s the direct-response industry’s best-kept secret for boosting sales.

In fact, marketers who write about the deeper benefits sell more product and services.

Why features aren’t enough

When it comes to selling, simply listing your product’s features just isn’t compelling enough.

You see, features are the raw, unique characteristics about your product. Typically, they are the ‘physical’ attributes that make up a product.

For example, if you’re selling a vitamin E supplement, a list of features could include the following:

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7 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Reader Engagement and Loyalty

Stand Out in CrowdOne hundred thirteen.

That’s the number of emails I got yesterday. Some days it’s a little less. Some days, a LOT more.

And that’s how it is for most people—including those on your e-list.

Of course, you know they can’t possibly read all those emails. In fact, I’ve shared before the average email campaign stats of MailChimp customers by both industry and company size. You’ll notice this research was updated for May, 2015, and once again concludes very few emails ever get opened.

Which begs the question…what, if anything, can you do to get more of your emails opened and read?

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Why Use a Copywriter: 7 Compelling Reasons for Using a Professional Copywriter to Create Your Next Marketing Communication

TractionFor some business owners, creating marketing messages is easy and profitable.

If that’s you, chances are, you have your own in-house professional copywriters. Or, you hire out your writing to top-notch freelancers.

Because you’ve already experienced the value of using a professional copywriter, you know it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to generate new, high quality leads, and to convert those leads into customers who buy more…buy more often…and buy at higher prices.

But you don’t want just any copywriter.

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Long Copy vs. Short Copy: Which Converts Better?

SecretWhen it comes to long copy vs. short copy…long copy wins every time.

It’s the “dirty little secret” of today’s most successful direct response marketers. And, one of the most highly contested debates in marketing. Has been for decades.

The sticking point for most marketers has always been cost. Of course, in print advertising and direct mail campaigns, the cost difference of implementing longer promotions versus shorter ones is significant.

For example,

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