Agora Model: A Way to Make More Money Online (Part One)

Part One: The Core Principles

Math FormulaIt seems small business owners can’t catch a break.

In the midst of a struggling economy, you talk more about how to hang on by a thread… rather than make a profit.

You constantly battle the familiar higher taxes… choking regulations… rising insurance costs… inability to get loans… and lack of customers eager to spend.

Now, you finally got your business online. But growing your internet customer base still seems confusing, and is lacking results.

Maybe you’re wondering if your direct-response methods for marketing are outdated… worried you’re not keeping pace with your competitors… and second-guessing your decision to keep your doors open.

But before you decide to close up shop- or waste any more valuable time and energy needlessly agonizing over your next big move- there’s a proven formula for marketing online that you need to know about…

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