5 Simple Ways to Recycle Old Content

RecycleAs an online marketer, providing your readers consistent, high-quality content is critical to your relationship-building efforts. It’s what keeps them engaged with your brand, and you front and center as a solutions provider.

Yet, coming up with new, original content can seem like a daunting task. And you’re probably learning fast it requires a large, dedicated staff of content writers working closely with a well-planned, well-thought out monthly editorial calendar.

But for most savvy marketers, they’ve discovered an even better way to keep up with it all. And that is…

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5 Easy Ways to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Spending1Neglecting to increase customer lifetime value…it’s one of the biggest mistakes marketers still make.

They spend tons of time and marketing budget on getting a prospect to make a first purchase.

Then, somehow and for some reason they neglect to see the value in generating follow up purchases.

Here’s how to increase customer lifetime value

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5 Most Important Tips to Create a Lead Magnet

Horseshoe MagnetThere’s one good reason every business owner must create a lead magnet…

To build their email list.

Because for any online business, an email list is your goldmine.

Here’s why. Email still returns significantly more for every dollar spent than any other marketing channel. That’s true whether you compare to other digital channels or to direct mail.

So if you’re taking your business online (or already have) and want to grow your revenue, you need an e-list…it’s that simple.

And what’s the best way to build your list?

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5 Ways on How to Treat Your Ideal Prospect

LoveIf you’re a seasoned direct-response marketer, you already know how to treat your ideal prospect. And, you know it’s more of an art than a science.

That’s why marketing communications are considered a “creative” effort. Business owners understand how they “talk” to their readers directly determines whether they’re perceived as credible or not. And, whether they make sales—including repeat sales—or not.

Of course, doesn’t mean smart marketers dismiss science permanently. Instead, they use it to gauge how effective their efforts are at spreading the word, gaining buy-in, and getting feedback on their brand.

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7 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Reader Engagement and Loyalty

Stand Out in CrowdOne hundred thirteen.

That’s the number of emails I got yesterday. Some days it’s a little less. Some days, a LOT more.

And that’s how it is for most people—including those on your e-list.

Of course, you know they can’t possibly read all those emails. In fact, I’ve shared before the average email campaign stats of MailChimp customers by both industry and company size. You’ll notice this research was updated for May, 2015, and once again concludes very few emails ever get opened.

Which begs the question…what, if anything, can you do to get more of your emails opened and read?

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