3 Key Prospect Relationship Secrets to Write More Effectively

Special DeliveryProspect relationship secrets…the key to online marketing.

In fact, most marketers know getting a sales message in front of their ideal prospects is critical to growing their online business. But it can be an overwhelming—and sometimes mysterious—challenge.

It starts with understanding the one major difference between marketing online and offline. And that is, how much control the prospect has over your sales message.

Historically, offline business owners typically took the shotgun approach to marketing their products and services.

Most located their brick and mortar store where they projected getting more foot traffic…advertised in local newspapers and on TV or radio stations…and mailed flyers or coupons to a rented or purchased list.

And often targeted a broad audience, without regard for interest in receiving their sales message.

Sound familiar?

Yet, failure to get a prospect’s permission to market to them could never work online. Why?

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4 Steps to Effectively Refresh an Old Email List

Battery Charger-2Most marketers know the significance of email to their overall online marketing strategy.

It’s especially powerful when used in conjunction with the Agora Model. Because email still outperforms every other marketing channel by returning more for every dollar spent on it. (See accompanying chart in Big Mistake #2 on page 7 of our Special Report, How to Avoid the Top 7 Big Mistakes Marketers Make with Online Prospects).

Yet too many marketers still doubt the accuracy of their current email subscriber data. As indicated in the MarketingSherpa 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Data Report, only 19% of marketers feel more than 90 percent of their email marketing subscriber data is correct and current.

More so—inactive, outdated email subscriber data poses an especially unique dilemma.

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Agora Model: A Way to Make More Money Online (Part Two)

Part Two: A Cutting-Edge Marketing Formula in Action

Steps 2In my previous post Part One: The Core Principles, I explained how the Agora Model has become the standard formula successful businesses use for marketing online.

Specifically, why you must build a relationship with your prospect using the core principles… before you ask for his business.

Now, before I share the specific steps for applying these principles to your business, here’s…

How to know if the Agora Model can help your business become profitable online…

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Agora Model: A Way to Make More Money Online (Part One)

Part One: The Core Principles

Math FormulaIt seems small business owners can’t catch a break.

In the midst of a struggling economy, you talk more about how to hang on by a thread… rather than make a profit.

You constantly battle the familiar higher taxes… choking regulations… rising insurance costs… inability to get loans… and lack of customers eager to spend.

Now, you finally got your business online. But growing your internet customer base still seems confusing, and is lacking results.

Maybe you’re wondering if your direct-response methods for marketing are outdated… worried you’re not keeping pace with your competitors… and second-guessing your decision to keep your doors open.

But before you decide to close up shop- or waste any more valuable time and energy needlessly agonizing over your next big move- there’s a proven formula for marketing online that you need to know about…

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