Questions We Hear Often

Ready to hire a freelance natural health or self-help copywriter to write your next winning direct-response sales promotion or lead-generating, profit-boosting web copy? Someone who will combine persuasive writing and industry insight to turn your prospects into paying customers? Go here to start a discussion now.

Or maybe you just have a few lingering questions on how I can help you with an immediate project need?

Whatever your reason for stopping by, you want to better understand how I can serve you. If we were sitting face-to-face, talking in your office, you’d ask me some questions. I hope to answer a few of those questions right here.

Q. What kind of copywriting services do you offer?

A. I currently provide direct-response and web copy, including email marketing in the Self-Help marketing niche. This includes Natural and Alternative Health, Nutritional, Spiritual, Inspirational, Motivational, and Business Opportunity products and services. Go here now to see my current list of copywriting services that can help grow your business.

Q. What can I expect from working with you?

A. Rest assured, you’ll appreciate our working relationship. Because from the start, I work hard at being easy to work with. I’ve learned it makes any project more enjoyable, and results in a much better final product. And because I only create copy for products I feel- and write- passionate about, you are also assured of getting a sales message that’s on time, on budget… and on target!

Q. I have a tight deadline to meet. Can you start on my copywriting project right away?

A. The short answer is… it will depend on your timing. For all my clients without exception, I must insist on honoring the project goals discussed and agreed upon, as defined in the original scope. I will not jeopardize a current client’s timeframe, cost, or copy quality when considering new work, and will always volunteer any concerns about timeframe up front. You can be assured I will show you the same courtesy when we begin a working relationship.

Q. How long will it take you to write my copy?

A. Typical projects take 2-4 weeks, but ultimately depend on your scope and urgency. We will nail this down during our initial project discussion. Essentially, we’ll want to balance your need for polished, effective copy that converts to profits with your expectations for marketing deadlines. Be assured you will always have winning copy delivered to your desk on or before due date.

Q. What happens if I want you to revise the copy, i.e., do you guarantee your copy?

A. Yes, absolutely! With any copy I submit, revisions are welcome! It’s my way of fulfilling a promise to deliver copy that you are 100% satisfied with.

Though most of my clients are happy with the copy I submit, if you’re not, just tell me what you want improved or what the specific changes are and I’ll make them… fast! I will NOT charge for rewriting copy within the original scope of the project and proposed within 4 weeks of the first draft.

Q. Do you do design, too?

A. My specialty is writing strong, persuasive copy that turns prospects into customers. Though I do not do web design or development, I am well-connected. Should you make the request of me, I would be happy to suggest the services of any number of competent, well-qualified colleagues from my network. If I do recommend someone, you are responsible for ensuring they meet your high standards and expectations for performance.

Q. How do I go about hiring you?

A. Putting me to work for you is easy! You can contact me directly to discuss a project, or to make an inquiry. I will call you back within 2 business days if you leave a message.

If you’ve struggled securing a competent natural health or self-help copywriter for your demanding projects, go here now to learn how our copywriting services guarantee you’ll grow your business.

Make it a great day, and thanks for stopping!