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Looking for profit-boosting direct-response copywriting services? The kind that motivates prospects to buy your products? Need a landing page…squeeze page…sales letter…autoresponder series?

Maybe you just want to strengthen existing web copy? Or, what if you could unlock the mystery of relationship-building? Of course, that requires creating engaging, useful, actionable content. The kind that is easily searchable online!

If you want your ideal prospects to consider you relevant…find you credible…eager to try your unique solutions…and become lifelong, repeat customers…

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Below are my specialty freelance copywriting services. Need something that’s not listed? Contact me to see if it’s available, or if I can recommend a trusted colleague that fits your project need. Then, after you’ve had a chance to review my copywriting services, check out My Copywriting Project Plan below to see how together…we’ll grow your business!

Direct-Mail Copywriting Services

Strong direct-response sales copy is your bread and butter. Whether launching a new product or reviving a struggling sales message, my business is to motivate your prospects to take action. So your business gets a BIG boost in sales. Here are some direct-mail copywriting services I offer:

Sales Letters

These promotional pieces are used to sell a product or service directly. They typically range from 4-16+ printed pages. But it usually depends on your goals. Or, the amount of words needed to effectively convince your prospect to buy your solutions to his problems.


These are longer print ads. They’re written in the form of an objective opinion editorial and may resemble a news story about a product or service. Like any other form of advertising, an advertorial is a paid placement. Either in a magazine, newspaper, or any other printed publication. Yet, it’s a less obvious form of advertisement than traditional ads.

Small Display Ads

These are short print advertisements designed to generate sales leads. You can find them displayed in newspapers, phone books, brochures, magazines…among others.

However, they are almost always done wrong! Why? Because business owners try to sell their main product or service from the ad. Instead, make it look like an article. And make it about your prospect…not you. Offer some sort of freebie…like a special report…that helps the prospect make a buying decision.

Online Copywriting Services

Email Marketing

Successful email campaigns are built on reputation…no exceptions! We are reminded of a key selling principle: the prospect buys you before he or she buys your plan.

So, you must become good at building rapport first. Only then can you gain your prospect’s trust. This trust is what earns you the privilege to ask questions, and recommend solutions to their problems. What’s the key to building rapport? Focus your attention off yourself and onto your prospect.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you ever fully complete this stage of the selling process. You will continually establish trust with your prospects. How? By uncovering their problems…creating products or services to solve those problems…and asking your prospects to buy your solutions.

Any reputable natural health or self-help copywriter recognizes and uses these standard email marketing methods. They’re an effective way to build business relationships with your prospects. So check out my email copywriting services below:

Lead Generation Emails

These short, lead generation emails invite your readers to click-through to a landing page. There, they can claim a free report, video download, educational webinar, or some other information of value.

Autoresponder Series

Considered by most as the single greatest online marketing method to drive more sales and boost profits. Marketers using email autoresponders call this a “no-brainer”. Here’s how it works…

You’ve just launched a new product. Your rock-solid promotion is already generating sales. For these customers who have purchased, you will want to help them solve more problems by offering additional products. However…

Studies indicate it takes 5-8 exposures to a sales message before a prospect is ready to buy. Instead, many choose to “opt-in” for a bait piece you offered (free newsletter, membership, or report) in exchange for their contact information.

These growing email lists of new customers and prospects are now your gold mine.

That’s where I can help. I create a series of 5-7 emails that send out to your targeted list(s) via automated marketing software. This short sales copy (1-2 pages per email) is considered lead nurturing and designed to bring prospects back to your sales message where they’ll eventually buy (lead conversion).

Promotional (Short-Copy, Teaser) Emails

These stand-alone emails are considered lead conversion and sent out to your targeted lists promoting specific products or services. They are designed, not to directly sell the product or service, but to drive your leads to a landing page. Promotional emails typically range from ½ to 4 printed pages.

Sales (Long-Copy) Emails

These stand-alone emails are designed to directly sell a product or service to your prospect. These lead conversion emails close the deal. And, they typically range from 2 to 12 printed pages. But it depends on the amount of words needed to effectively convince the reader to consider your solutions to his problems.


Company e-Newsletters are an important tool for lead generation, and for building a long-term relationship with your prospect. You would typically offer free sign-up in exchange for their email address. Once they sign up, you can share updates on your business…useful tips or tricks…or any other information that builds credibility with your prospects. Plus, you can now market your products or services to them. E-Newsletters are typically sent out weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Special Reports

Special reports are an important lead generation tool for building your own e-list. Your special report should offer highly-targeted information, advice, or strategies to solve a prospect’s problem. You would typically offer free sign-up in exchange for their email address. Once a prospect signs up, you can market your products or services to them.

Web Copywriting Services

Web Copy must engage prospects boldly so they can know, like, and trust you. Unlike direct-mail promotions where you initiate delivery, prospects coming to the web are seeking you out. Now that they arrived, they have two questions: What’s in it for me? And, why should I buy from you?

Your job is to answer those questions to their satisfaction. Know them intimately, and you can give them the precise information they want. By keeping the focus on them, they will see you as a go-to resource for solving their most pressing problems or satisfying their wildest desires.

The following are examples where a skilled natural health or self-help copywriter will write web copy that engages your prospect…builds rapport with them…and gives them exactly what they’re looking for. So they leave satisfied, and return eager to buy again. So check out my web copywriting services here:

Stand-Alone Landing Pages

Sales Letter

These are tightly focused web pages with a particular audience in mind. They are considered lead conversion, and designed to sell a product or service. Your prospect “lands” on these pages from a specific known source. These include some form of direct mail ad, a banner ad, an email, or a PPC ad. It is important you optimize these landing pages with this particular audience in mind.

Squeeze Page

These are tightly focused web pages with a particular audience in mind. They are lead generation landing pages designed to capture a visitor’s name and email address, and usually offer a free e-book, special report, etc. to encourage sign-up. Your prospect “lands” on these pages from a specific known source, such as some form of direct mail ad, a banner ad, an email, or a PPC ad. It is important you optimize these landing pages with this particular audience in mind.

Website Pages

Home Page

This is the opening page of a website whose primary purpose is to welcome visitors and provide information and links to other pages on the site. It typically includes headline and body copy describing your products’ and services’ unique selling proposition (USP) and how it will help the visitor.

Sales Page

These web pages are designed to sell a product or service. Unlike a landing page, a sales page sits permanently within the body of a website and gets traffic from the home page.

Information Page

The sole focus of this page is to deliver useful, relevant information. These include “how to” articles, product reviews, and any other information your prospect might need as part of the decision process. The goal is not to directly sell something, but to move the sales process forward in some way.

Subscription Page

These web pages are designed to get someone to sign up for a free or paid-for online service, such as a weekly e-newsletter, and are similar to a sales page. They often offer a free month subscription to encourage sign-up.

SEO Copywriting Services

SEO strategies involve optimizing your web pages for Google and other search engines. By improving your visibility in the search engines (ranking and frequency of appearance on search results list), you can increase the amount of traffic to your website.

A reputable natural health or self-help copywriter understands that more visitors means more opportunity for building relationships with prospects…and more sales! Here are some basic SEO copywriting services I offer:

Basic SEO

With your input, I’ll develop an overall keyphrase strategy. Then “fix” your existing content to target these keywords. So Google indexes you higher… and visitors find, and buy, your solutions to their problems.


Need a new website? Time for a full rework of your existing website copy? I can write website copy you’ll be proud of. So when your ideal prospects search the internet looking for information, products or services, they find you first. And if they like what they see, they’ll become your next paying customer!

Web Content Writing

Before your ideal prospect buys from you, he wants to know he can trust you. That’s why smart online marketers work on building a relationship with their reader first. By consistently engaging them in a conversation, your reader will see you as a source for relevant, useful information that solves problems.

Articles/Blog Posts

If you’re not blogging, you’re missing an opportunity to connect with your future customers. Look, your prospects go to the internet for free information so they can make informed decisions about all aspects of their life. When you consistently meet their expectations for useful, engaging, actionable content, they’ll consider you credible. And, they’ll return again and again to buy your solutions.


E-Books are a great way to show expertise in your chosen field. They work to build a relationship with your audience. However, you won’t just use it to connect with your readers. You’ll use it to build credibility as an expert on whatever topic you choose to write about.

E-Books are usually longer content pieces than Special Reports. Yet, both are proven successful as great lead generation or lead conversion sources for online marketers.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

Looking to build your subscriber base? Direct prospects to your website or landing page? PPC ads are a profitable form of online advertising in search engines. If you’re not doing it, you are missing out on an easy and effective means to grow your list, grow your business, and… grow your profits! Check out these PPC copywriting services:

Full PPC Campaign Copy

Together, we will structure your PPC campaign to fit your specific marketing goal. I’ll research appropriate keyphrases, develop up to 8 ads and write your web pages and emails. And, I’d be happy to discuss other opportunities, including campaign management, bonus reports and articles, for additional charges.

Single PPC Ad

You provide the keyphrase research, I’ll write an effective, sales-boosting or list-building ad.

My Copywriting Project Plan

As your go-to natural health or self-help copywriter, I’ll follow these six basic steps on my way to crafting you copy that generates leads… promotions that sizzle… emails that build reputation… and web pages that convert.

Step 1.  Initial Project Contact. When you first contact me, you’ll provide me a basic understanding of your project expectations. When I’m satisfied I adequately understand the overall goal, I’ll draft a proposal (usually within 48 hours) outlining the scope of the project, timeline for completion and firm quote for all deliverables including payment terms.

Step 2.  Project kickoff. Here, I give you my undivided attention as we discuss your project goals in detail. I ask you a series of questions to gather relevant background information about your project, including business objective of project, clarification on your audience and deliverables and timeframe for all benchmarks. You’ll know exactly what to expect, and I’ll know exactly how to deliver.

Step 3.  Research. Next, I study your product or service inside and out AND get to know your target customers intimately. This allows me to plan the sales message or web page(s), and get your initial feedback, as well as identify unanswered questions I may have.

Step 4.  First draft. Crafting the sales letter or web copy occurs next. I’ll submit a fairly polished first draft in the agreed upon timeframe.

Step 5.  Client review. Then, we’ll discuss any revisions you propose to layout or content.

Step 6.  Final Submission. I’ll revise and submit the final copy no later than our agreed upon timeframe. You will never be charged extra for revisions that are within the original scope of the project and proposed within 4 weeks of the first draft.

Because we’ve built a business relationship, I’ll be sure to follow up with you to gauge success of the project. After all, my primary mission, and great pleasure, is to “help you help people”.

Ready to put me to work as your new natural health or self-help copywriter? You can Contact Me here to get started. There’s no charge for your initial consultation, and no obligation to buy. That’s my way to encourage the start of a business relationship we’ll both appreciate.

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