The 4 U’s of Marketing Copy That Gets Your Prospect’s Attention

The 4 U’s…probably the most talked about method in marketing to grab a prospect’s attention.

And rightly so.

Natural health and self-help marketers know they have but a few seconds before a visitor decides to continue reading…or click away, never to return.

Whether a one-page opt-in offer…a 12-page sales promotion…or your website’s home page, that’s not a lot of time. What can you possible say in just a few words—a few short seconds—that will capture your prospect’s attention?

Yet, it’s not what you say…it’s how you say it. Instead of agonizing over the enormity of the task, discover how using the 4 U’s in your marketing will attract a prospect to your message. So they’ll stick around long enough to read your offer.

The 4 U’s were designed with headlines in mind. But you can use them anywhere in your marketing message. As long as they make sense and support your overall big idea.

So let’s get to it. Here are…

The 4 U’s for writing attention-getting marketing copy


The top reason prospects search the internet is to find useful information that helps them solve their most pressing problems.

This means the reader must see relevancy in your message. And we explained previously why relevancy is important for your web page SEO. Your prospect wants to know immediately that he will get closer to solving his problem or fulfilling his desire. Or he’ll choose to go elsewhere.

Therefore, it’s important you know your ideal prospect inside and out. His fears…beliefs…insecurities…motivations…likes and dislikes—so you can create a message that enters the conversation already going on in his head.

For example…if you’re selling a special report on natural joint pain relief, you may want to mention how one can reduce—or even eliminate—their prescription pain medication to alleviate concerns about the dangerous side effects they cause.

By doing so, your reader will interpret that as you care enough to consider what’s really important to him. And, he’ll begin to trust you as a credible source for discovering new solutions and useful information he can use time and again.


Here, you’ve got two choices.

Find information that your prospect will consider unique. Or, present useful information in a unique way.

It’s easy if you have some unique approach to solving your prospect’s problem. But if your solution is the same as everyone else’s, then you must present it in a way that assures your prospect she hasn’t tried this yet.

You are simply arousing her curiosity.

For example…if you’re selling a Law of Attraction product, tell your prospect why most Law of Attraction programs are missing a key ingredient…and thus are designed to fail from the start.

In doing so, you momentarily suspend her disbelief, and she is inclined to read your message further to see if you can help her where others have failed.


This one is perhaps the most powerful attention-getter. Why? Because web searchers are notoriously in a hurry to solve a problem. They want an answer right now. They want it to work fast. Or they want some guarantee they haven’t wasted their time or money in trying your solution.

So, make sure your message enters the conversation already going on inside their head, like we discussed here previously. You do this by making your reader feel it’s important to read your message right now.

For example…if you’ve put up a free video presentation on a new meditation technique for improving relationships, tell prospects if they haven’t seen it yet, it’ll be available to view for only the next 48 hours.

By doing so, it becomes a natural reflex for your prospects to want to read immediately to see how you can help them.


This strategy allows you to connect with your prospect in a significant way.

By giving your prospect specifics in your sales copy, you prove that you understand him on a deep level. That you get his struggle…understand his goals…feel his pain.

For example…if you’ve got a weight loss product, tell your prospect that he can melt 16 pounds of fat off his body in 3 days…or how he’ll be able to easily walk 6 flights of stairs without stopping once to rest.

By doing so, you’ve identified to your prospect that you really “get” what he feels inside about his problem. And by painting specific benefits he can connect with, he’ll trust you have a solution that actually works.

Now understand, you don’t need to use every one of the 4 U’s in each of your marketing messages. Pick one that’s relevant and fits with your Big Idea. Then be sure to weave it into your sales copy or content periodically so it can continue to tug emotionally on your prospect throughout the entire message.

By doing so, your prospect stays engaged and is more likely to make it to your offer…read it…and consider becoming your newest customer.


About Jerry Bures

Jerry Bures is a direct-response web copywriter and marketing consultant. Since 2010, he has helped natural health, self-help and business opportunity clients—as well as local small businesses—become more visible, credible and profitable online.

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